Workshop Facilitator

What You'll Do: 

You will go to a primary school in London to deliver a workshop programme about climate change/carbon footprints and inspire the children to start taking action on climate change! More specifically, this involves:

- Undertaking a short training to gain familiarity with the workshop materials (this can be done remotely).

- Delivery of a programme of workshops (five in total, each lasting one hour) during school hours. (You won't manage the students alone - the teacher remains with you the whole time).

- Supporting children with activities related to the workshop, like producing board displays in their school.

- Providing feedback to Climate Ed about the effectiveness of the programme.

- Conducting a follow-up evaluation with the workshop participants two months after the end of the programme to see how much CO2 they have saved.

We are currently recruiting volunteers across all London boroughs. 

Why You'll Love It: 

You will be playing a major part in inspiring and supporting the next generation to take action on climate change. 

Children in schools desperately want to know more about climate change and be given the chance to engage with it, but they need enthusiastic, positive, knowledgeable people to guide them. You will be helping children learn about climate science and the impacts of a warming planet, and also how they and their family can take practical action towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. It's also great fun - the programme is full of really fun, entertaining activities which the children love. 

What You'll Learn: 

You will develop teaching and presentation skills, and also develop your knowledge of climate change and climate science.

What We're Looking For: 

- People who have previous experience either as teachers or workshop facilitators, ideally but not essentially with young people.

- People who are knowledgeable about climate change (and related environmental/sustainability issues), keen to share their knowledge with others, and are able to inspire children to inspire their families to reduce their carbon footprints.
- People who enjoy interacting with children and answering their questions.

We are building our network of partner schools but often volunteers have their own links to schools. If you want to volunteer and know a school that might be interested then you would be very welcome to promote the programme to that school.

We require volunteers to be aged 18 or over. Climate Ed has a robust safeguarding policy and all volunteers are thoroughly vetted and require a DBS check.

United Kingdom
26 Weeks Minimum
0 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Public Speaking
Skills you should possess: 
Teaching / Training
Languages you should know: 
Full professional
Relevant interests: 
Charity / Nonprofit
DBS check
Over 18 years old
Phone Interview

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