Circles South East
The vision of Circles is ‘no more victims’, our aim is to substantially reduce the risk of future sexual abuse by assisting and supporting offenders who are committed to not re-offending.

Our ‘Circles’ help make communities safer by assisting those who engage in harmful sexual behaviour, and are at risk of doing so again, to self-manage thoughts and behaviours, reintegrate safely into the community and lead responsible lives.


The Circles model is a community-based approach which utilises local Volunteers to both support and hold accountable sexual harm causers. Each Circle comprises of professionally trained and supervised Volunteers and a ‘Core Member’ (the perpetrator) whose involvement is voluntary. Traditionally, Circles work with high risk, contact abusers over a period of 12-18 months. More recently the approach has also been adapted for those with intellectual disabilities and young people.

  • Our goal is to substantially reduce the risk of future sexual abuse by assisting and supporting offenders who are committed to not re-offending
Safety Working towards 'no more victims' Responsibility Holding individuals and organisations to account for their actions Inclusiveness Managing risk through inclusion not exclusion Community Involvement Recognising the importance of community involvement Growth & Learning With support and challenge, people have the abliltiy to grow, learn and change Individuality & Respect Treating everyone with humanity and respect
Circles UK was awarded the prestigious Longford Prize in 2010 in recognition of “…Circles UK‘s courage, commitment and innovation in working…with [people convicted of harmful sexual behaviour], one of the most marginalised groups in our society. Circles UK brings together voluntary and statutory partners, including victims’ groups, in a constructive alternative response which provides a greater opportunity for preventing further crime, [rehabilitation], and achieving safer communities for us all.” Circles UK won the Criminal Justice Alliance Award for Outstanding Organisation in 2019. ‘Circles UK are doing important work with those that few care to, offering rehabilitation, support and the potential to prevent future victimisation’. Circles UK was awarded the Social Care & Welfare Award in recognition of the excellent work it does in the most challenging, controversial areas of offender rehabilitation, and the effective way in which the work of Circles has helped to reduce sexual re-offending and create safer communities. “The judges singled out those charities whose excellence in charity management they felt will inspire others. Circles UK is an excellent organisation [and] the award is richly deserved” Daniel Phelan, 2011.
  • Our goal is to substantially reduce the risk of future sexual abuse by assisting and supporting offenders who are committed to not re-offending
  • Our volunteers assist them in the task of integrating with the community and leading responsible, productive and accountable lives
  • We train and supervise our volunteers to work in the community working in a group with 3 or 4 other volunteers who form a 'Circle' of support for up to 18 months
  • Although Circles South East is an independent charity, we work very closely with professionals from the statutory agencies who attend our Circle review sessions
  • We are looking for empathic, non-judgemental individuals from all walks of life, who have an interest in community safety, and who are reliable, committed, can communicate effectively and who have an awareness of firm personal boundaries
  • We are dedicated to promoting diversity and welcome application from across the spectrum of our community


In this role you can expect the following:

  • 16 hours FREE initial training on working with those who have committed harmful sexual behaviour, motivational interviewing techniques, understanding offending behaviour, safeguarding and much more
  • A unique volunteering opportunity which is both challenging and rewarding; serving both the needs of the person who has committed an offence, and community safety
  • Invaluable experience for those looking for a career in criminal justice and an interesting addition to any CV
  • DBS Check for all volunteers
  • Post Training Interview
  • Paid expenses
  • Ongoing supervision
  • Supplementary training opportunities
  • Most importantly the knowledge that you have contributed to the prevention of further victims