North Paddington Food Bank
At the North Paddington Food Bank, we believe that everyone should have access to food. We seek to draw on the strengths of our community to provide an accessible service that meets the immediate needs of local people, enabling individuals on their route out of food poverty. We help residents of Westminster by delivering customers with emergency food packages and connecting individuals to relevant support organisations, helping those experiencing food insecurity get back on their feet.

An organisation’s values should underpin everything that it does. Ours are:



We want to ensure that anyone who may need help is able to access it easily.



Whilst providing help, we want to understand what is leading people to need us, so that we can make sure that any further help that could benefit a person is accessed.



This understanding on an individual and larger level will help us make sure our service is set up to meet the needs of people using it.



All of our activities our carried out in a manner that seeks to ensure that people feel comfortable and well supported.


We work in partnership with specialist agencies to help people overcome the often complex underlying problems that have led to them needing the food bank, such as household debt, worklessness, risk of homelessness, addiction and not claiming full benefit entitlements. Our approach has proven successful in helping people overcome their dependency on the foodbank, re-engage with employment support and encourage social integration within the community.


Volunteers are integral to our mission, and we could not achieve our goals without their dedication and hard work. We appreciate and are incredibly grateful for the support volunteers provide our customers and the team. We aim to ensure all volunteering at North Paddington Food Bank is as safe, rewarding, and enjoyable as possible.