Student Climate Ambassador

What You'll Do: 

Taking climate change discussions directly into primary schools across the UK, the Young Climate Warriors Ambassador Programme works to effectively initiate action-stimulating conversation and encourage critical thinking within an educational environment. Using our extensive network of primary schools across the UK, our Ambassadors deliver interactive, animated, in-person assemblies to allow pupils to engage with climate change in a positive, age-appropriate, and honest manner. Ambassadors for Young Climate Warriors also have the opportunity to develop further projects within their partner schools, continuing to support climate education and conversation through the implementation of eco-clubs, publication and distribution of newsletters, and employment of our social media comms systems.

Young Climate Warriors provides all Ambassadors with training to prepare them for the assemblies, and we continue to offer support and guidance throughout the position, as well as providing travel expenses and remuneration for each assembly delivered. 

    Why You'll Love It: 

    A role as a Young Climate Warrior Ambassador is hugely rewarding and a great opportunity to develop personal and professional skills experience, while simultaneously building valuable experience within climate activism and making a difference for our future. You will receive training to strengthen your presentation and engagement skills, and the continued support that we provide will allow you to continue to enhance and develop these skills throughout your position. Becoming a part of a wider network of climate activism organizations (Young Climate Warriors works together with The Climate Coalition, Our Shared World, Let’s Go Zero, and Transform Our World, amongst others), you will be able to make a substantial contribution to a large community dedicated to combatting climate change, and brought into connection with others who are committed to progressing towards a better future.

    What We're Looking For: 

    Our Ambassadors are university students from across the UK who:

    • Are enthusiastic about starting conversations about climate change
    • Are stubbornly optimistic about a positive future
    • Are eager to engage primary school-aged children (previous experience a plus, but not necessary)
    • Have strong communication skills, with an ability to use initiative
    • Act professionally in all interactions with school staff and pupils
    Young People
    United Kingdom
    Skills you will develop: 
    Public Speaking
    Time Management
    Skills you should possess: 
    Presenting / Public Speaking
    Languages you should know: 
    DBS check

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