Childline London Volunteer Counsellor role

What You'll Do: 


Your weekly shift will consist of 3hrs30mns counselling, sandwiched between a 15mns brief before your shift and a 30mns debrief post shift. This is to ensure that you can start and finish your shift with any support you require from your Supervisors.

Why You'll Love It: 

On shift you will take contacts from Young People who rely on the service that Childline offers. Childline is not there to solve problems, we are a listening service for Young People and in each contact your role is to engage the Young Person, explore their situation and to support them in deciding their next steps.

What You'll Learn: 

Childline offers a full 12 week online training programme to new volunteers. This consists of one 4 hour session per week, which is similar to the shift commitment we ask for post training.

Once you pass through training and become a qualified Childline Volunteer Counsellor, the development opportunities do not stop there. You will have access to a multitude of mandatory and optional training courses that are accredited and 100% free to all Volunteers.

What We're Looking For: 

Young People rely on us being there for them 24/7. In an average month, Childline London takes approx. 1,500 live chats, 900 voice calls and 300 PIBs.

That is why we are actively recruiting new volunteers to be able to meet the need of all Young People who are in distress and need the support that Childline provides.

Young People
United Kingdom
104 Weeks Minimum
4 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Active listening
Languages you should know: 
Native or bilingual
Relevant interests: 
Charity / Nonprofit
Statement of Motivation
DBS check
In-Person Interview

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