Social media outreach volunteer

What You'll Do: 

Activities will include:

· Editing and Sharing content generated by the organization and our partners where appropriate e.g. terms from different languages, links to our events, talks and activities

· Helping language groups to connect with community members who may be sense checking the terms they generate online

· Creating templates for attractive posts to use over the week

· Providing brief summaries of engagement and avenues for helping us to reach those intended

· Signposting responses to enquiries

· Invitation: participation in community and environmental regenerative activities to support our work and other networks aiming toward positive systems change

Why You'll Love It: 

You'll be able to participate in a project that aims for systems change in how people of the global majority (racially marginalised communities) are treated in UK psychology services and beyond, by co-creating knowledge and sharing it openly

You'll be part of wider networks which involve people from many different disciplines and backgrounds

You'll have opportunities to learn and teach others new skills, and have access to initiatives to support your psychological wellbeing

You'll develop your understanding of community research, structural oppression and the ways we aim to address that in practice

You'll be part of initiatives that aim to support community and environmental regeneration, which aim for better alternative futures, and your ideas will also be welcome


What You'll Learn: 

To be creative and concise in written communication with people from racially marginalised communities in the UK

Teamwork and coordination with a wider network of people to create content for distribution on social media platforms

Use of social media for brand awareness with different audiences using different platforms

Organisation and prioritisation skills

Teach others what they need to know to be part of and complement your process

About projects and initiatives that aim to create better futures to achieve social good, and how technology and community can play a part in this

Ways to apply anti-racist practices and manage structural oppression from knowledgeable and experienced practitioners

What We're Looking For: 

Someone who is mindful of structural disadvantage and wants to be part of a project which aims to help address that


Interpersonal skills

Some awareness of boundaries in social media spaces and mental health


Some knowledge of and engagement with social media platforms

Willingness to ask for help where appropriate

Mental Health
United Kingdom
12 Weeks Minimum
0 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Resource Coordination
Cultural Awareness
Skills you should possess: 
Social Media Marketing
SEO / SEM Marketing
Relevant interests: 
Charity / Nonprofit
Health, Wellness and Fitness
CV / Resume
Statement of Motivation
Over 18 years old
Phone Interview

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