Volunteer Autism Befriender - Reach Out Community Support

What You'll Do: 

The volunteer will carry out their volunteering from the family home and activities will depend on the age and the needs of the person.


1.To form a positive  relationship with the person and their family, and help build confidence to  support and  develop their  communication and  social   interaction


2. Support the development of   positive activities that are relevant to the age of the person. For exmample games, sport,  music, creative ,visits to parks, galleries, cinemas .


3. In communication with the family, provide additional support on practical issues e.g. accessing local amenities, developing new skills, using public transport, transitions, planning and gaining new experiences.

Why You'll Love It: 

A great opportunity to make a real postive difference  to some ones life. To gain insight into someone elses world, and through positive  activites help them develop new skills and confidnence whilst having fun.

What You'll Learn: 

A greater understanding of Autism, skills and strategies to support an Autistic person

Skills in communication , interaction , planning, Interpersonal  skills

    What We're Looking For: 

    Skills and Experiences: Previous experience of working with people with additional needs is not required,  we are looking for the following qualities and skills:

    1. Reliability  and Resilience
    2. Enthusiasm and a creative approach to solving problem and ideas for practical activities.
    3. A non – judgemental approach in working with others
    4. Effective Communication skills and a professional approach to  volunteering
    5. Confidence in working with new people and situations
    Mental Health
    Young People
    United Kingdom
    24 Weeks Minimum
    2 Hours / Week
    Skills you will develop: 
    Active listening
    Problem Solving
    Interpersonal / Confidence
    Relevant interests: 
    Charity / Nonprofit
    DBS check
    Over 18 years old
    Phone Interview

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