Volunteer opportunity

What You'll Do: 

Tasks while volunteering include:

- Making up case crates

- Serving customers

- Restoking base crate tables 

- Store room management

- Light cleaning tasks 

- Unloading and sorting deliveries 

- Being a van buddy if you have a DBS

- Making calls to customers three days a week to remind them about their food parcel collection or delivery (please email specifically about this)

-Packing away stock on Friday

Why You'll Love It: 

You'll love volunteering at the North Paddington Food Bank because it is a chance to give back to the community. You will be a part of a charity that gives short-term and long-term support to people who are struggling with a wide range of issues from housing to debt. You will also make good friends along the way and have a great time helping people in need.

What You'll Learn: 

You'll learn about:

- How a food bank is run 

- Customer service skills

- Volunteer experience

- Stock room management 

What We're Looking For: 

We're looking for people who are dedicated to helping their community. Who want to help in any way that they can. 

Crisis Support
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
0 Weeks Minimum
0 Hours / Week
Skills you will develop: 
Relevant interests: 
Charity / Nonprofit

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