Database Administration Volunteer at Standing Voice

Standing Voice is looking for a creative and ambitious volunteer to lead and drive exciting developments in our programmes database.

Dates 7 May 2018 - 7 Aug 2018 (27 hours)
Location 274 Richmond Rd, London, E8 3QW

Standing Voice is looking for a creative and ambitious volunteer who wishes to have a big impact on our growing charity. We are keen to recruit someone with initiative, fresh ideas and determination as we pursue our goal of ending human rights violations in Tanzania and beyond. This voluntary role provides a unique opportunity to lead and drive exciting developments in our programmes database. The position is particularly aimed at those pursuing careers in the charity and international development sectors.

Standing Voice is a UK Registered Charity working to prevent human rights violations against marginalised groups around the world. We strive to nurture people’s understanding of others so that in the future these marginalised groups will be embraced by society. Our work encompasses Health, Education, Community, and Advocacy initiatives.

Our current focus is the challenges facing people with albinism in Tanzania. Ostracised as ‘white demons’ in otherwise black-skinned communities, these individuals are often stigmatised because of their pale appearance. Many struggle to access healthcare, education, housing, and employment. This stigma finds its most gruesome expression in mutilation and murder: some people with albinism are even targeted for their body parts, used in witchcraft charms thought to bring wealth and fortune. Across 27 African countries there have been 190 documented killings of people with albinism and a total of 515 attacks. Tanzania presents the most severe case, with 76 murders and 73 non-fatal incidents since 2006.

In response to the health issues that people with albinism have to face as a result of their condition, Standing Voice has developed Health programmes in Skin Cancer Prevention and Vision. To manage the appropriate monitoring of patients and to facilitate patient examinations Standing Voice has developed an online cloud database system. Through the use of this database we are able to collate patient data and employ a wide-ranging analysis of key trends and lessons to support programme improvements. This is the first patient tracking system of its kind for people with albinism in Tanzania.

The role of Database Administration Volunteer will provide essential support to the Standing Voice UK Team in the development of our database, ensuring effective examining of patients in our life-changing Health Programmes in Tanzania.

This opportunity will assist you in gaining the following skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving/Creativity
  • Computer/Technical
  • Analytical/Research
About you

The organisation has indicated the following requirements from volunteers who want to take this opportunity.

Essential: Previous experience working with database systems; Excellent IT skills

Desirable: Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills; Highly organised with an attention to detail; Inquisitive and an active learner


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