Christmas Day Volunteers at St. Luke's Community Centre

Various volunteer roles supporting St Luke's Christmas Day lunch celebrations

Dates 25 Dec 2017 - None (8 hours)
Location St Luke's Community Centre 90 Central Street Islington London EC1V 8AJ

We're looking for a number of volunteers to help deliver our community Christmas Day Lunch. From kitchen help; prepping and cooking to hosting; chatting and engaging; driving and escorting; helping with the picking up and dropping off of our most elderly and vulnerable local residents. If you would like to help create a wonderful Christmas Day for people who would otherwise be alone, please get in touch!

This opportunity will assist you in gaining the following skills:

  • Interpersonal/Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving/Creativity
  • Planning/Organising
  • Leadership/Management

Training will be provided by the organisation for this position:

Shown the use of a professional kitchen as well as food preparation.

About you

The organisation has indicated the following requirements from volunteers who want to take this opportunity.

Essential: Sociable, willing, helpful, generous team players

Desirable: Driver


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